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Conference Paper Calcaneal Fixation Plate Test Method Development Coombs, D.J, Bushelow, M., Wykoski, S. ORS 2014 Annual Meeting, 15-18 March 2014 New Orleans 2014
Conference Paper Workflow for creating a simulation ready virtual population for finite element modeling Genc, K., Segars, P., Cockram, S., Thompson, D., Horner, M., Cotton, R., Young, P. 1st Annual Frontiers in Medical Devices: Applications of Computer Modeling and Simulation FMD2013, 11-13 September 2013 Washington, DC 2013
Conference Paper NDT of a Composite Using MicroCT Data and Image-based Finite Element Modelling Cotton, R.T., Abdul-Azis, A., Young, P.G. In: Online Workshop Open: NDT&E of Composite Materials (CompNDT 2011), May 2011. 10703 2011
Conference Paper Image-based simulation of the human thorax for cardio-pulmonary applications Hermans, F.K., Heethaar, R.M., Cotton, R.T., Harkara, A., 2009 COMSOL US Conference: 8-10 October 2009 Boston 2009
Conference Paper The Simulation of Pore Scale Fluid Flow with Real World Geometries Obtained from X-Ray Computed Tomography Fourie, W., Said, R., Young, P., Barnes, D.L. COMSOL Conference, 4-6 October 2007 Newton 2007
Conference Paper Simulation of salt diffusion in a pork (bacon) side using 3D imaging Said, R., Schüller, R., Young, P., Aastveit, A., Egelandsdal, B. Petit, J.-M., Squalli, O. eds. Proceedings of the European COMSOL Conference 2007, 23 - 24 October 2007 Grenoble. Grenoble: COMSOL France, Vol 2, 876-881 2007
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