From 3D Image Data to Model

Simpleware provides world-leading software solutions for generating 3D models from images, with applications for CAD, FEA, CFD and 3D printing.

Simpleware offers four options for processing and meshing 3D image data:

  • ScanIP: Core image visualisation and processing software
  • +FE Module: Integrated module for mesh generation
  • +NURBS Module: Integrated module for NURBS generation
  • +CAD Module: Bolt-on module for CAD integration

New in Version 6.0

  • New Ribbon User Interface
    ►easy to learn and easy to use:
    The new ribbon user interface is easy to learn and guides users intuitively through the workflow of import, image processing, measurements, visualisation and mesh creation. Easy access to tools increases efficiency and reduces learning curves, and the new Welcome Screen allows users to quickly find recent projects, import options and help resources.
  • New Boundary Layers and Meshing Features
    ►improved mesh quality and extended support for CFD simulations:
    Simpleware now generates boundary layers and provides mesh clipping for the creation of custom CFD inlets/outlets. Version 6.0 also provides several new meshing features (such as Curved quadratic elements and Tet-to-hex converter) to improve accuracy and ensure that the mesh fulfils all simulation requirements.
  • New Macro Recording
    ►simplified customised scripts creation:
    The new macro recording capabilities simplify the process of automating workflows by creating flexible scripts reflecting the operations performed. The simple to use macro recording interface translates actions into programming code and also allows users to quickly copy and paste logged actions into script.
  • Better Segmentation and Statistics
    ►faster segmentation and more ways to compute and show statistics:
    The new magnetic lasso tool detects mask boundaries with user-defined greyscale sensitivity, which speeds up segmentation of low contrast image data. Improved statistics now also work on specific Regions of Interest (ROIs) of the image, which give users even greater flexibility when working with mask and model statistics.
  • Other new features include: Model Inspection, 2D Contours, Use of Regions of Interest (ROIs) for node/surface selection, etc.

Compare Features of the Different Software Modules

Feature ScanIP +FE Module +CAD Module +NURBS Module
Import Image Data (incl. CT, MRI, Jpeg …) yes      
Volume Rendering yes   yes  
Segmentation yes      
Measurement and Statistics Tools yes      
Robust Booleans Between Parts yes      
Generate High Quality Surface Mesh yes      
Export STL yes yes    
Generate High Quality Volume Meshes (Hex/Tet or All Tet)   yes    
Automated Greylevel based Material Property Assignment   yes    
Export FE Mesh (Abaqus, Ansys etc.)   yes    
Export CFD Mesh (Fluent etc.)   yes    
Import CAD/STL     yes  
Position CAD within Image     yes  
Export NURBS Surfaces       yes

Hardware & Software Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating system: Windows 8* • Windows 7* • Windows Vista* •
Windows XP* • Licensing tools for Linux 64-bit**
Windows 7 64-bit edition
Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent Intel Core i7 or equivalent
Memory: 4096 MB (4GB) 16384 MB (16 GB) or higher***
Graphics card: OpenGL compatible graphics card with 32 MB RAM OpenGL compatible graphics card with 1024 MB RAM
Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 High colour (16 bit) 1920 x 1080; True Colour (32bit) or more
Disk space: 10 GB 100 GB

*Fully compatible with the 32 and 64 bit versions of these operating systems.
**Please contact us at for more information.
***Actual memory requirements depend on the size of the images you will be working with - please contact us at for more information.

If you need any advice choosing your hardware configuration we would be happy to help. Please contact us at

How to Buy Simpleware Software

For further information on our licence options and to receive a quote, please simply contact us at

One of our representatives will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Licence Options

We provide different licences for commercial and non-commercial use as well as teaching packages. They can be purchased on a perpetual or annual contract and come with full support and upgrades for one year. Different options are also available, including node-locked, floating or dongle licenses.