Simpleware for Orthopaedics

Patient Specific Implants and Medical Devices

Simpleware software is ideal for processing medical image data for orthopaedic and musculoskeletal research. Reconstruct MRI, CT, and micro-CT data and DICOM files using powerful image processing tools. Visualise and segment musculoskeletal anatomies, and integrate CAD-designed medical devices with patient-specific anatomies to obtain robust measurements and models for simulation and 3D printing.

Multi-part Finite Element (FE) meshes can be generated for implant validation and contact mechanics analyses, while material properties can be assigned from Hounsfield units or by using a range of metrics. Accurate anatomical models can also be generated as STL files for 3D printing processes.

Simpleware software has received FDA 510(k) market clearance for the following Indications for Use.

Visualise and Process Medical Images

Simpleware software includes a wide range of tools for working with 3D medical data. Volume render 2D image stacks in 3D directly after import, and explore data using colour and opacity maps. Semi-automated segmentation tools can be used to obtain bone and soft tissue regions.

  • Explore micro-CT scans of trabecular bone
  • Segment data based on greyscale intensity
  • Use medical orientation overlays
  • Remove unwanted scan artefacts
  • Generate animations

Measure and Analyse your Data

The intuitive measurement tools and statistics included with Simpleware software allow medical data to be easily quantified.

  • Measure bone geometries and place landmarks
  • Generate centrelines
  • Compute statistics (bone density and Young’s modulus...)
  • Assign greyscale material properties for bone from Hounsfield units

Integrate CAD and Image Data

Simpleware software can be used to position CAD-designed objects such as medical devices within image data.

  • Convert CAD models to image data and avoid working with image data in CAD packages
  • Export multi-part FE/CFD models for simulation
  • Add internal microstructure (lattices) to explore new implant designs
  • Export models as STL files for 3D printing

Export Simulation-Ready FE/CFD Meshes

Simpleware software utilises industry-leading meshing algorithms to convert segmented data into robust multi-part volume meshes featuring conforming interfaces and shared nodes. Use meshes in all leading FE/CFD solvers to better understand device-anatomy interactions.

  • Define FE contacts, nodes sets, shells...
  • Define CFD boundary conditions
  • Remove need for remeshing in FE/CFD solver

Use Scripting to Automate Workflows

The software's functionality can be accessed using an integrated scripting interface, and through languages such as Python, Iron Python, C#, Java, Visual Basic and Boo. Macro recording and a log history converter can also be used to automate steps, while user-created plug-ins can be incorporated within the software to improve efficiency when processing image data.