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Footprint 3D Target Custom Footwear through Simpleware & Additive Manufacturing

Footprint 3D use Simpleware's lattice generation tools and Additive Manufacturing to design customised shoes from 3D scans. The shoes are custom-made to order and benefit from input from podiatrists and foot care specialists...

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Simpleware Release M-2017.06 Now Available

We are happy to bring you the latest version of Simpleware. We have added features that enhance Simpleware's unparalleled ease-of-use and reliability for creating the most robust, simulation-ready models for 3D image data workflows...

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Scripting in Simpleware: Customizing and Automating Workflows

Look at some of the code demonstrated during our scripting webinar, which covered scripting in ScanIP to achieve better automation of repetitive tasks and how ScanIP can be augmented for specific workflows with small scripts...

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Oct 18-20, 2017: COMSOL Conference 2017 Rotterdam - Rotterdam, Netherlands ►Read on

Oct 25, 2017: Web Workshop - Introduction to Simpleware Software - 2 PM BST ►Read on

Oct 31-Nov 1, 2017: LS-DYNA & JSTAMP Forum 2017 - Tokyo, Japan ►Read on

Nov 8-9, 2017: SIMULIA Germany Regional User Meeting 2017 - Braunschweig, Germany ►Read on

Nov 11, 2017: 27th Japan Society of Simulation Surgery - Yokohama, Japan ►Read on

Nov 15, 2017: SIMULIA West Regional User Meeting 2017 - Santa Clara, CA ►Read on

Nov 16, 2017: Advanced Technology Day - Driving Innovation in Life Sciences - Minneapolis, MN ►Read on

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Simpleware Technical Webinar Series 2017

We are running a series of Technical Webinars on how to get the most out of Simpleware software. Although primarily aimed at existing Simpleware users, these webinars also provide an in-depth look at the tools available in the software....

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Introducing Simpleware Version 2016.09

We are happy to bring you the latest version of Simpleware. The 2016.09 release offers improvements across every module, from image processing to integrating CAD models and generating high quality meshes for physics-based simulation...

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Breakthroughs in Automotive Applications with Simpleware's Image-Based Solutions

Image-based modelling offers many advantages for automotive design and R&D workflows. Simpleware software offers many benefits for comprehensive analysis of components in the automotive field...

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Meshing from Image Data with Simpleware

Generating accurate meshes from 3D image data can be a challenge, particularly when working with complex geometries. Simpleware ensures a fast, easy and reliable bridge from scan to design and simulation-ready models...

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ScanIP used in Historic Jamestown Rediscovery Project

What's in this silver box? A major new archaeological discovery has been made in the Jamestown colony in Virginia. Simpleware ScanIP was used to help reveal mysterious artefacts sealed in a silver box involving MicroCT scanning, image processing and 3D printing technologies...

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Digital Rock Physics: from 3D Image Data to Simulations for Oil & Gas Applications

Learn about our image-based modelling techniques for streamlining routes from 3D scans to simulation-ready models for digital rock physics, and how they can help you with various oil & gas workflows...

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Calculating effective material properties from 3D images: new solutions

At Simpleware, we have worked on creating software tools that make it easier for analysts and researchers to get more out of their image data, and provide a number of different methods for visualising, processing and exporting data as models...

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Simpleware working with ANSYS on Simulating Head Injuries in American Football

Simpleware are working with simulation experts ANSYS to develop cutting-edge techniques for designing and testing new helmet designs using accurate computational models of the head created from MRI and CT scans...

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3D Model Created in ScanIP Used Towards Kidney Operation

Simpleware ScanIP was chosen as the solution to reconstruct CT data of a kidney with a 'stag-head' stone, which could assist in the planning of the operation to remove the stone...

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