Webinar On-Demand - Advanced Lattice Creation for Additive Manufacturing Footwear

Watch this webinar recording to discover how Footprint 3D uses Simpleware’s lattice generation tools along with additive manufacturing to create custom footwear. Footprint 3D tackles footwear challenges such as fit, consumer purchasing demands, and environmental waste.

Uniquely contoured soles are created from 3D image data to fit specific needs, with a wide range of size options virtually tested before being produced by additive manufacturing. Offering many advantages over traditional custom-shoe making, Footprint has a solution that ensures unique, consumer-specific designs.

Workflow Presented


Matthew Flail, MSID, Co-Founder and COO- Footprint 3D, is responsible for product design and CAD development, brand direction, and overseeing manufacturing & assembly operations for the company. He is a 3D printing and CAD specialist with over 5 years of experience in product design and additive manufacturing. Outside of Footprint, he is an active designer in the development of consumer and industrial products. He seeks to balance beautiful form with innovative functionality.

This webinar was broadcast on September 7, 2017