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Magazine Editorial Boning Up Weber, T., Gross, S., Dendorfer, S. ANSYS Advantage, V10 I1 (Web Exclusive) 2016
Magazine Editorial Joined at the Hip Bah, M. ANSYS Advantage, V10 I1 (Web Exclusive) 2016
Magazine Editorial Techniques for Calculating Effective Material Properties From 3D Composite Data Smigaj, W., James. G. NAFEMS Benchmark Magazine, July 2015, 49-52 2015
Magazine Editorial Lattice structures – simplified Griffiths, L. TCT Magazine, June 2015, 54-55 2015
Magazine Editorial Simulating the Human Head for Safer Helmet Design Wasserman, S., March 11, 2015 2015
Magazine Editorial Simpleware and Abaqus Workflows Open up New Simulation Opportunities James, G. SIMULIA Community News, #09, February 2015, 17 2015
Magazine Editorial Software for Material/Structural Characterization Across Length Scales Young, P., Bui Xuan, V., Raymont, D., Kim, J. Aerospace & Defense Technology, April 2014, 38-39 2014
Magazine Editorial Reverse Engineering Ants for Robotics Ohio State University Product Design & Development 2014
Magazine Editorial Pure and simple EPSRC PIONEER, 10 Summer 2013 2013
Magazine Editorial Magnetic Simulation of Toroidal Inductor using Simpleware and JMAG® Iijima, Y., Miyazaki, M., Cotton, R. EnginSoft Newsletter, Year 9 n°3 Autumn 2012, 28-29 2012
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