Animation Services

Animation production from your 3D image data

Simpleware offers services for turning your 3D image data or ScanIP project files into high-quality animations. Animations are a great way of communicating key areas of complex 3D models, or can just be used to show off your scan data. For example, the videos can fly-through blood vessels or porous rock networks – or highlight areas of porosity or defects within manufactured parts.

Visit our YouTube channel to view further examples of animations generated within ScanIP.

Animation cues available

Our tools provide a wide range of animation cues to control objects in the 3D view, with visualisation options including:

  • Volume renderings
  • Surface renderings
  • Generated FE and CFD meshes
  • NURBS models
  • Physics Modules fields (e.g. streamlines, contour plots)
  • Opacities and clipping of models
  • 2D slice planes
  • 3D view background colours

We also have many camera options to navigate around the image data and/or 3D model:

  • Rotating around objects
  • Panning, zooming in and out …
  • 'Fly-throughs' using key frames or predefined paths

Export formats

We can provide completed animations in a variety of formats, including:

  • AVI
  • Ogg Theora
  • H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • PNG sequence

Export sizes range from 480p to 2160p (4K)

Contact us to arrange the secure transfer of your data, and we will provide a quote based on your needs.

Animation of engine manifold with internal defects

Artery model flythrough the mesh

Porous media model with flow-lines